Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Dweller release imminent

I am doing the final play testing for the next release of Dweller. It's been all too long since I released a new version. The list of changes is really long and should result in a much more pleasant and varied experience.

New features
  • A new door type has been added, the gate. It blocks movement but not line of sight.
  • I have received a lot of help over the years. People that have assisted me in one way or another are now acknosledged in the new Credits & About screen, reachable from the main menu.
  • Added a couple of items that increase the light radius
  • Added two handed weapons that prevent the use of a shield
  • Added items of better or worse than average quality, prefixed "Fine", "Worn", "Strong" and so on
  • Introduced weapon speed to allow for different playstyles using either hard hitting and slow weapons or fast weapons that hit for less
  • Some monsters can now be generated in packs
  • Improved fleeing and pursuing AI behavior
  • Monsters no longer step on known traps
  • Flying monsters (bat, wraith and beholders) are no longer affected by traps on the ground
  • Only intelligent monsters can open doors and pick locks. Stupid monsters need to rely on brute force to get passed a closed door.
Changes to existing features
  • Bashing open a door varies in difficulty depending on if the door is locked, jammed, or if it is a gate
  • The ranger has an increased light radius
  • Hitpoints are always increased by 1 when gaining a level
  • Visibility in the starting forest is no longer limited by the player's light radius
  • Weapons with an added effect (Fire, Poison etc) no longer rely on the player's Magic stat when determining effect
  • The bottom stats bar area is no longer taking up screen space on views that doesn't use it
  • The damage from attacks and spells is now determined using a slightly skewed gaussian distribution instead of a linear
  • Wands now have a limited number of charges. There is currently no means of recharging a wand
  • Items are now ignored when cycling through targets
  • When having an item with a beneficial effect selected in targeting mode only friendly creatures will be cycling through targets
  • When having an item with a harmful effect selected in targeting mode a hostile creature is selected by default instead of starting centered at the player
  • Targeting mode automatically targets an enemy if none is already targeted (previously the player was targeted)
  • Minor change to the Drop one/all menu. If a single item is selected the Drop one/all will be replaced by a simple Drop command
  • Damage done and taken is no longer linear. There is less probability to do max damage.

  • Solved a fatal bug in monster movement code that could move the monster out from the map (and crash the game)
  • Ammo with a limited amount is no longer kept equipped when depelted
  • Removed double "You are no longer poisoned" messages when leveling up while poisoned
  • Removed double death messages when killing a creature with a ranged weapon using enchanted ammo
  • Made sure that tiled levels (the dungeon and sewer) are surrounded by an impassable border of wall tiles
  • It is no longer possible to go back to a finished game after killing the Goblin King
  • You will now get a proper win if you return to a saved map with the Goblin King on it and you kill him
  • Solved the problem with text flooding the bottom edge of a text box
  • Solved a crash bug when explicitly saving a game with persistent maps, leaving the level, coming back and loading again
  • You can no longer save scum chests. A chest will always contain the same item, no matter when you open it
  • You can no longer save scum scrolls of enchants. The result of a particular scroll of enchant applied to a particular item will always give the same result
  • Solved a potential problem when dropping parts of a stack of items or when cloning a monster
  • It is no longer possible to resist magic cast by yourself on yourself (for instance resisting own teleports)
  • Damage caused by displacement/knockbacks no longer reduce max hitpoints
Stay tuned for a release message here and on rec.games.roguelike.announce in a couple of days!

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