Monday, March 15, 2010

Itemization woes pt.2

My quest for well balanced weapons (and in the long run armor and other items) is well under way, and I hope that the next release of Dweller will give the player a lot more choices and allow for different play styles combat wise. The most recent addition after differentiating item attack speeds is the introduction of two handed weapons. Two handed weapons will of course prevent the use of a shield while wielded, but will do slightly more damage and/or have an added effect such as a knock-back or stun effect. Other things I have thought of adding would be class restrictions, but I'm not so sure if that is a good idea. I'm leaning towards simply giving weapons and items stats that make them more attractive to some classes while being shunned by other classes. I'm interested in hearing fellow game developers experience with item balancing. Where to draw the line?

I have also added two basic weapon qualities besides the normally generated weapons. In the next version you will have a chance to come across weapons of a better than average quality, prefixed with "Fine" or similar attribute and weapons of worse than average quality, most likely prefixed with "Worn", "Dull" or similar.

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