Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dweller 1.16.10 released

I'm happy to finally be able to announce a new release of Dweller. The release has been delayed for quite some time due to me being bogged down in framework and performance issues. I'm happy to say that Dweller is better and faster than ever. Critical/slow portions of the user interface are cached to bitmaps to improve rendering performance significantly. If you happen to come across any weird stuff such as corrupt graphics or delayed updates of UI elements please let me know!

Another major change is some improvement of the quickslots. All of the quickslots are now always visible which makes them so much more useful. You are now also able to use spell books from the quickslots without having to equip them first.

And last but not least I have also added some new spells and added different cast times to spells depending on their power and area of effect.

Download the latest version here.

Full list of changes:

#16 Quickslots always visible
#45 Run a new "Design your map piece" community effort
#70 It should not take any time to switch between spells in quickslots
#59 Large mini map
#80 Spell review
#93 Pathfinding move option in targeting mode gone missing
#97 Adjust healing
#98 Trapped chests always trigger when disarmed
#100 The rat quest description doesn't mention sewer rats
#102 Main menu pushed to upper left corner after changing settings
#103 Possible to "resurrect" dead character on game over screen by accessing inventory
#136 Change "Send Save Game" to "Send Bug Report"
#132 Separate tile and ui scale
#104 Performance review
#135 Add "Disarm" SCT and possibly also status warning of some kind


  1. not sure if your linking to the actual mobile store on the download page.