Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 7DRL competition summary

The 7DRL competition of 2012 officially finished yesterday (18th of March). There was a record number of announced roguelikes this year. Here's the full list (let me know if I missed any):

Successful 7DRLs (63)
2149RL by Adam Piskel
AppRogue by vwood
Ascension of the Drillworms by Sebastian Steinhauer
Ascent Into the Depths of Beyond by Jaldhar
AsylumRL by scootah
Beyond the Light (formerly Daybreak) by Joe M
Bone Builder by Goblinz (TE4 mod)
Cave Chop by Martin Read
Cogmind by Josh Ge
Dark Valhalla by Legend
Das Schurke Boot by John Maag
Dead Night Forest Chapter 2: The Lost Caravan by Edwin DeNicholas
Drakefire Chasm by Tanthie
DuneRL by Draconis
Emet by jab
Equal in Death (blood-arbiter) by yufra (TE4 mod)
Escape from the Vault by eggmceye
Fictional Roguelike by Tritax
Fragile Wrath by Konstantin Stupnik
Fuel (formerly Space Miner) by Ido Yehieli
GatewayRL by kipar
Hellmouth by Eronarn
Hope by slashie
HunterRL by Mosenzov
HyperRogue II by Z
I rule, you rule, we all rule old-school Hyrule by Trystan Spangler
Infiniverse by Tapio
JaggedRL by Michael Curran
Jelly by sheep
Kaiju Roguelike by Jason Pickering
Kitchen Masters by Sammage
Life of Sir Pointsalot by Geeze
LinLem's Vague Adventure Roguelike by Mike "LinLem" W
Locks by zurn
Me Against the Mutants by Team Rat King
Mont Asall by OceansDream
Mujahid by pat
Mutant Aliens by srd
Nightfall by numeron
phage by Pawel Kowalczyk (TE4 mod)
Porta Lucis by Chris Whitman
Professional Sword Tester the Roguelike by Oohara Yuuma
Revenge on a Toy Factory by Derrick Creamer
Roadlike by Sos Sowoski
RoboCaptain by heroicfisticuffs
Ruins of Kal Raman by tndwolf
Shadow Rogue by Orkus Malorkus
Smooth Rogue by peous
Steel Knights by psy_womvats
Swamp Monster by Craig Turner
Sword in Hand by Jeff Lait
The Adventurer's Guild by nolithius
The Challenge! by XLambda
The Death of Juga t'Dy (formerly TurnRL) by ivanah
The Well of Enchantments by IBOL
Top Dog by kbmonkey
TrapRL by RedMike
Turambar by Legend of Angband
Waaghammer by corremn
Warden by magikmw
Wyrm by deej
Zaga-33 by Michael "Brog" Brough

Failed (21)
Antigen by John Leffingwell
Chosen by Will Robinson
Cyber Prison Escape by Dominic Millar
DescentRL by Jan Pobrislo
Dungeon of Disease by Lunaritian
Forgerl by Thomas Larsen
Gods of Catan by steev
Great Mystery by George Oliver
InfestoRL by magmacrab
Knighthood by Joshua Sigona
Lakhnauti by Joshua Day
MarioRL by NeedsFoodBadly
MechRL by Kevin Mees
Pit of Hate by Walter Landry
Restless by dock
Roguery by zzajin (will be a 14DRL)
Rogue Rage by Darren Grey
Rogues Wanted by Horse Guy
Star Rogue by Arannis
TLOK2 by Miikka Kilkkil√§ and Simo Rinne
YASR by korri

Unaccounted for (2)
Backwoods by William Fehling
Bullet Hell RL - Daniel Miller


  1. I posted and completed a team-based RL called Jagged RL:

    Announcing start:

    Announcing completion:

    DL link:

  2. Thanks Michael. I've added your RL to the list. Well done!

  3. i failed my 7drl too.
    it was going to be called InfestoRL by magmacrab

  4. Nice list! Thanks for putting this together. Some good stuff released this year.

  5. Nice list. Thanks for going through the trouble. You missed mine though. I completed and posted Dark Valhalla on the 18th over at rogue temple.

    It would be appreciated if you could add it to the list. Thanks.


  6. Legend and magmacrab: I've added your games. Thank's for letting me know.

    The list will keep a lot of players busy for quite a while. As Smith said, some good stuff released this year!

  7. Woah! Thanks for the list! You sir, are the man!

    -AKA NeedsFoodBadly (MarioRL)

  8. Konstantin StupnikMarch 20, 2012 at 6:53 AM

    Here is my entry (Fragile Wrath):
    You can call it a success, as it is playable and has mechanics I wanted to try.
    But I had to cut a lot of features to make it in time.

  9. Konstantin: I've added Fragile Wrath to the list.

  10. Could you keep a running count of successes? Also, get prepared for some incoming traffic...

  11. Sure, I've added a count next to each section (62 successes!)

  12. anyone know how to get games listed on some of the other lists like the roguebasin one? Or if there is an official list?

  13. Thanks for this, Bjorn! This was a fun year with some excellent entries.

    Unknown, RogueBasin is a wiki, so sign up and edit away!


  14. Cool list!
    Can you please change "Team Ratking" to "Team Rat King"? :-)

  15. Sure, I've added a link to your site as well.