Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally! A new version released

I have finally released a new version of Dweller. The new version features some highly requested changes and improvements. The most important thing is probably that the d-pad is larger on high resolution devices. This will make the game much playable on these devices. Please provide feedback on how it works for you!

There's also a few game mechanic changes such as draining no longer working on undead, heavy weapons and armor only being available to the warrior and so on. Check out the full change log:

  • Large creatures will push aside smaller creatures when trying to reach the player

  • D-Pad is now larger on high-res screens (Android and J2SE only)
  • Drain does not work on undead
  • Clone will stop working on creatures with 1 HP (previously Oozes kept cloning at 2 HP and never dropped down to 1 HP)
  • Only the warrior can use heavy weapons and armor
  • Random and persistent game scores are saved in different highscore lists
  • Equipment rules have been changed slightly. You can no longer combine a 2h melee weapon with a ranged weapon.

  • Missile weapons with an added effect (such as the stun from a crossbow) weren't activated
  • Gold will now be automatically picked up if pushing a stone results in gold ending up in the players location
  • Gold will now be automatically picked up when finding it in a chest
  • Fixed Potion of Clairvoyance


  1. Has anyone gotten the latest releases to work on a Blackberry? I have not been able to install since 1.7.7. I just want to make sure that it's not something I am doing wrong.

  2. Bob: I believe this might be a preverifier problem. I've changed tools for the build process quite recently and it is probably the cause of the Blackberry issues. I'll give it a try with another tool-set and send you a version for you to test.

  3. Thanks Bjorn.

    I was thinking about asking if you would install the blackberry jde, that way you output your code in the blackberry specific .cod format, but i just figured that might be too much work.

    I would be glad to test different versions for you. You still have my email right?

    Thanks again for going out of your way to try to get this working again.

  4. There is some weird bug in the new version.
    If I kill a bigger monster (for example a slime), it drops some gold-piles around the "dead body".
    It would be great and fun (to collect them with running in some circles), but in my inventory, they are separated gold-pieces too (maybe 11-18 gp in each portion).
    At the trader, I can sell the portions, so they become just one portion, but it is still weird.

    Anyway, great job as always, and best wishes!

    (And of course, I can send you some print screen, if you need!)

  5. Thot: Are you playing the J2ME version? If this is the case please try the latest updated version (1.9.1 J2ME release only)

  6. Thot: Did the update work for you or are you still having problems?

  7. @Bob: The new version released yesterday (1.10.0) is built using a new tool-chain and it should be compatible with Blackberries. Please give it a try and let me know if it works.