Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dweller 1.20.5

It's not far between releases at the moment. Tonight it's time for Dweller 1.20.5:

#338 Prevent scrolls which require a target from being used any number of times as long as targeting mode is active
#339 Remove Scroll of Healing
#340 On-hit effects on single target attacks will not be applied if the initial attack is missed
#335 Remove "already at max health" spam from 'Calvin's Imagination'
#342 Increase weight of Crossbow from 9 to 12
#343 Pushing a monster into a portal should teleport instead of kill the monster
#344 Fix tile scaling issue on low resolution devices
#76 Add a merging ooze variant
Source and comments: http://www.dwellergame.com/2012/07/dweller-1205.html

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